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Mimpi ngeri usability

Posted on: September 12, 2008

Aku suka baca artikel bertajuk “10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware Of” ni. Artikel ni memberikan contoh2 masalah usability dalam website.  Isu2 yang ditekankan adalah seperti di bawah:

10 nightmares:

1. Hidden log-in link.
2. Pop-ups for content presentation.
3. Dragging instead of vertical navigation.
4. Invisible links.
5. Visual noise.
6. Dead end.
7. Content blocks layering upon each other.
8. Dynamic navigation.
9. Drop-Down Menus.
10. Blinking images.

Future nightmare:

Pointing the mouse instead of clicking.

4 Responses to "Mimpi ngeri usability"

Salam Sdr Khairul,

I’m really interested in your works on web usability. I’m currently looking for experts (especially from Malaysia) to find out their valuable insights on web usability and UX design. If you’re free, hope you can contact me via the email address given. Thank you!

Selamat Tahun Baru Khairul,
Excellent blog you have here, and I’m impressed by the presentations you have done and insights you posted. Syabas!

Your expertise is also very valuable in organization like ours – please contact me through my email as you see this now.

Thanks for your comment.. Glad you guys appreciate usability as i do..

Hopefully i could share more thoughts on usability after this.

As for the last 2 months, i am busy setting up a usability lab in our office.. maybe i could share how the usability lab look like here someday.. 🙂

at last, a malaysian who really care about usability.. jumpa juga akhirnya

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